1.Name and where you reside.
    Carlos Jaramillo currently in New York, NY
    2.First interaction with a camera.
    Hanging around with Scott Kramer, he eventually sold me his old digital Canon Rebel. It first started as a hobby but now its a career path I’ve taken.
    3.Where does your inspiration derive from?
    Mainly from looking at other photographers work. Also from people at my school who are making really good work and recently a little bit from books and paintings.
    4. Favorite camera you own. 
    Yashica MAT
    5. Favorite camera you don’t own.  
    Leica M6 or Hasselblad XPan
    6. What do you think about instagram? 
    I think its cool how it brings different people together and allows you to follow skate pros, artists, and other photographers in a non-stalking way like Facebook is. It’s fun, I’m very picky at what I put up, I try to put up well thought and composed photos.
    7. What is your favorite thing about photography? 
    I really like how individualized it is. To me its a lot like skateboarding, a lot of personality and style is involved and you can see it in someones work like you can in skating.

    8. Who are your favorite photographers? 
    August Sander, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Irving Pen, Ryan McGinley.
    9.What is some wisdom you can give new photographers? 
    Look at a lot of other photographers work, nerd out and do your research on gear you’re looking into buying. Most importantly, do you.

    10.Any thanks or shout outs?
    My girlfriend Taylor Lewis for supporting everything I do. My family. All my current and past mentors Scott Kramer, Jason Henry, Dale Gunnoe, Ray Hale, Clay McBride. All the homies. Soft Hoagie Rolls for supporting the cause of art and skateboarding.
    For more of Carlos Jaramillo’s Photography visit http://www.carlosjphoto.com/ or http://www.ripreaperzzz.blogspot.com/.
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