1. Name and where you reside.

    Luis Jaramillo, Gainesville Fl.

     2. Favorite thing about photography? This might sound mad corny but I love how each photograph tells a story. It might just be a second in time but a great photograph will do that. Each photograph also has your own imprint your own outlook. You might see something entirely different from the next person.

     3. Personal goals for photo’s you take. 

    Its hard sometimes shooting film because you wont always get what you set out for. I’ll go through a whole roll and not get one good shot. So my goal is always to get at least 3 great shots in each shoot.

    4. Favorite people behind cameras. 

    Sebastião Salgado, August Sander, W. Eugene Smith just to name a few.

    5. What peaked your interest in photography? I started shooting with a point and shoot camera when I was younger. I couple years ago I was shooting a lot of disposable cameras but that turned out to be mad expansive so I decided to buy a decent 35mm camera.

     6. How do you feel about instagram? Instagram is cool. I love the fact that you can keep up with homies, friends, and relatives through photography. Its also a great way to tell the greatest story of all time…your life

    7. What is your favorite thing to photograph? As of right now my favorite thing to shoot is Portraiture. I sometimes tend not to be as structured as I should be and usually end up shooting everyday life photos with the homies and friends.

    8. Favorite camera you own? Favorite camera you do not yet own? I guess my favorite camera I own is the one I use the most which is the Canon AE-1 Program 35mm. Wouldn’t mind having a Canon 5D Mark III that’s a big dawg.

    9. Film or digital? Up until now Ive shot almost exclusively with B/W film for a few years now. . Been kind of resenting the whole digital world for a while but im going to be making the transition to digital real soon.

     10. Any thanks or shout outs? Where can people see more of your work? Yeah I would like to thank my family for all their support. My bro Carlos, Ray Hale, and the people who helped me learn the ways of the photo. homies. Soft Hoagie Rolls for holding it down and being from the homies for the homies. Mad love 

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